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Introduction to Maple
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Adam has a M. Although Adam grew up on a livestock and vegetable farm, he is a first generation maple farmer who started out tapping a couple trees and has progressed to operating the commercial scale operation at the Uihlein Forest.

It’s Mainly About the Math: Introducing Maple 2019 for Education and Research

Prices are for households with abundant financial resources. Tiered Pricing. In order to offer access to our courses, we use tiered pricing based on federal guidelines. We ask that you self-identify your ability to pay by consulting the chart below and reflecting honestly on your current financial situation.

Prices in this tier reflect the true costs of offering these courses.

Maple worksheets

Prices are intended for those who are lower income or experiencing financial challenges. Sugaring for Profit Maple syrup production is rapidly growing around the Northeast and offers a sound financial opportunity to utilize woodlots. Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Identify the potential opportunities for producing maple sap and syrup on your land Develop and manage a forest stand for optimal maple sap production and long-term health and productivity Understand the costs and benefits of utilizing buckets, bags, gravity tubing, or vacuum enhanced tubing systems to gather sap Design a maple tubing system to achieve maximum sap yields in a cost-effective manner Understand the pros and cons and logistics of buying sap or leasing taps as a means of expanding your production Process sap into syrup in a cost effective manner that is appropriate for the size of the operation Filter, package, and label maple syrup for sale according to the new grading system developed by the International Maple Syrup Institute Webinars The bulk of the course happens on your own time, with discussions, readings, and assignments in Teachable, our virtual classroom.

Your Instructor Adam Wild. Week 2: Sugarbush Evaluation and Management Available in days. Week 4: Planning Your Operation Available in days.

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Frequently Asked Questions When does the course start and finish? The course officially starts and ends on the dates given above, when the instructors get involved and begin hosting live weekly webinars. If you are registering after the webinars have concluded for the year, you will have immediate access to all the course materials, and will be able to participate in the next year's webinars if you choose to.

If you have sugar maple trees, you can make syrup with a little time and a little work. Join Audubon Sharon Staff for this Introduction to Maple Sugaring Workshop and learn what supplies you will need to get started, how to tap trees, and how to determine which trees to tap, etc. Come prepared to head outside for the second part of the workshop boots are a must!

Maple (software) - Wikipedia

By the end of the season, hopefully, you will be enjoying delicious maple syrup produced by your very own trees! Please contact Zach at x to register. Like us on Facebook to find out more about our programs, or visit Sharon.

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Where birds thrive, people prosper. Help us transform local communities into places where birds flourish. Learn what you can do to nurture wildlife, nature, and conservation in Connecticut.

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Through land stewardship, science, education, and advocacy, we work to preserve habitat and protect bird species that are of state, national, and global concern. When you become a member of Audubon Sharon, you are protecting critical woodlands and a natural heritage for generations to come.